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He's A Cocky Fighter Who Finds Out Real Quick He's Not As Good As He Thought He Was

That moment when a fighter thinks he’s all that. He’s as cocky as it gets and it’s hardly anything anyone can stand. He has his song and dance before the fight with his huge entourage. All while the other fighter is just waiting for him to get in the ring.
The entourage does what the fighter wants. Then, he hugs them all as if this is the hugest fight of his career. He jumps in the ring and gives his opponent the look. Then, he dances around the ring. It’s enough to make you just want him to get hit already.
He even goes over to talk shit in the other fighter’s ear. No one knows what he said. But, it was done to make his mark. To install a psychological edge over the other fighter. It’s just too bad the other fighter didn’t care much about all that. He was just patiently waiting for the fight to start. Make sure you don’t blink. It’s over in 9 seconds.

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