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Samantha Sepulveda Is The Hottest Cop I've Ever Seen

Samantha Sepulveda is a New York City cop. She walks around in her uniform meeting the people of New York all day. Little do they know who they are meeting.
Samantha Sepulveda is no typical cop solving crime by day and going home to her cats at night. Although, she might have cats. There’s nothing wrong with that. The thing about Samantha is that when she takes off that uniform, she becomes someone totally different.
That’s because she’s about the hottest female on the police force. So, she does some modeling. Some lingerie modeling to be more specific. She’s so hot, the images sizzle.
But, why is she still on the force if she can have a career in modeling? Believe it or not, she really does like her job. But, wait until someone comes along and offers her a huge pot of gold. She might turn it down at first or try to work it in with her badge. But the first time she’s in a hot spot with bullets flying over her head, it just might make her decision a little easier.

You Would Never Think She’s A Cop

And I Mean Damn!

You Know You Love The Heels

I’m Heading To New York

I’m About To Go Swimming

Nice Boots!

Oh Dear Lorte!

You Bet She Can Arrest Me

I’ll Get In Trouble Right In Front Of Her


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